Now in the US: The world’s no.1 natural nitrate supplement.

Beet It is the No.1 selling beetroot juice in the UK and the Beet It Sport brand is the No.1 natural nitrate supplement in the world.

We may be new to these shores, but that doesn’t mean we’re a newbie when it comes to the art and science of beets and BEET JUICE. Beet It started 25 years ago as a small fruit and vegetable firm, based in Suffolk in the UK. Today, we’re well-known across Europe for our superb fruit and vegetable juices.

Beet It stands alone in the world of natural nitrates thanks to our ability to consistently deliver 400mg of natural dietary nitrate in each Shot and Bar. This consistency is what makes us the go-to brand for more than 200 nutritional, medical and sports science research institutes and universities throughout the world. We’re especially proud of our partnership with Professor Andy Jones (@AndyBeetroot) of Exeter University Sports Science. Our Shots and Bars are also used in studies across the US, Sweden, China, Korea, The Netherlands and the world.

The art and the science of pressing the world’s finest BEET JUICE.

Curious know more about Beet It, BEET JUICE and how dietary nitrates impact physiology? Check our our FAQs. 


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